What It Means To Be Hands On?

How do you use the word hands on?

Hands-on sentence examplesLied Children’s Discovery Museum – This interactive museums features two floors and 25,000 sq.

She planted her hands on her hips.

The only thing she accomplished was cutting her hands on the sharp rocks.More items….

What’s another way of saying hands on?

What is another word for hands-on?interactivepracticalparticipatoryfirsthandproactiveexperientialmanualimmediateaction-basedaction-oriented20 more rows

What does it mean to have hand?

have a hand in (something) To be involved or influential in the planning, creation, or execution of something.

What is hand on activity?

Hands-on (also called experiential learning) can be activities like making an analog clock from a paper plate, brass fastener, and two strips of paper in the shape of arrows. Students make the clock face, then learn how to tell time. Or students can use money to count change and learn addition and subtraction.

What is the meaning of hands on activities?

: gained by actually doing something rather than learning about it from books, lectures, etc. : involving or allowing the use of your hands or touching with your hands. : actively and personally involved in something (such as running a business)